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CK Ensemble: Welcome
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"CK Ensemble gave fine shape to the intertwining musical lines and sensitive articulation to bring them to life"

- Boston Musical Intelligencer - 

"The CK Ensemble conveyed, through their intensity, body language, and consummate skill, the raw emotions that Rachmaninoff must have been experiencing when he wrote the Sonata, so that I could feel what he felt. It was a gift from the musicians to me."

- Musical Chairs Concert Series -

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"As an ensemble, they were exemplary, each dominating or supporting the others as the music required. They infused their recital with humour and a love of French culture."

- Lifetime Learning Sound of Music Performance Series -


A chamber music ensemble that melds individual passions, historical knowledge and fresh perspectives. From their eclectic programming, dynamic collaborations, to their memorable music making, the CK Ensemble will be sure to leave an imprint on listeners' hearts. 

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