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Prospective Students

Boston Cello Academy's vision is to guide each student to become thoughtful, passionate musicians for life. Students learn important foundations to improve their cello skills, gain insight into musical structures and styles, and build confidence in their performance level. Through a good balance of encouragement and challenge, each student receives personal guidance. All levels and age ranges are welcome. For information, check out the BCA studio info & policy on the Current Students page.

In-person Lessons

- Lessons usually cover scales/technique, etudes, and solo pieces.

- Students experience playing with piano/cello accompaniment in their lessons, giving them a fuller insight into the spirit of the music.

- Cello duets to build ensemble playing skills.

- Students receive supplemental materials (music theory or technique related) to help better understand musical concepts.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are easy to set up for those who prefer virtual instruction. Online lessons use a variety of approaches such as:

- Demonstrations

- Making notes in the music during lesson by screen share

- For pieces with accompaniment, students play along with the piano or cello part that the instructor plays. 

- The instructor provides individually tailored notes with practice tips, annotated music, recording links, and supplemental materials.

- Students send video recordings for additional feedback.

Special Programs

Studio concerts, Musical Jeopardy, and cello ensemble sessions are some of the special program the Boston Cello Academy has offered so far. Check out our Special Programs page!

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