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Studio Concerts

Studio concerts provide students the opportunity to show off their progress and learn to overcome the challenges of live performance. In addition to solo performances, students performed as a cello ensemble at our last concert. We look forward to having more concerts in the future!

Virtual Studio Class

Studio class is a setting where students are divided into small to medium size groups, each taking turn playing a prepared piece. Students gain performance experience, learn how to give constructive criticism and be encouraged to learn from one another. Our first virtual sessions are held on March 6 & 7, 2021.


Musical Jeopardy

Students learned about the fundmentals of music theory such as recognizing keys, intervals both visually and by ear, as well as chords and their inversions. To test their knowledge students gathered online and participated in a musical jeopardy game hosted by Dr. Kim. We look forward to having a second round this spring!

Cello Ensembles

We took full advantage of the summer months despite being in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We formed cello quartets and explored musical styles and sounds from various historical periods. After four coaching sessions, all three groups performed at an outdoor venue. It was so much fun! Check out these awesome photos!

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