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Boston Cello Academy's vision is to guide each student to become thoughtful, passionate musicians for life. Students learn important foundations to improve their cello skills, gain insight into musical structures and styles, and build confidence in their performance level. Through a good balance of encouragement and challenge, each student will receive personal guidance. Visit the Prospective Student    page to find out more!


In-person & Online lessons available

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"Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way

into the inward places of the soul, in which they mightily fasten, imparting grace,

and making the soul of him who is rightly educated graceful, or of him who is ill-educated ungraceful."

– Socrates –


Melinda, adult student & parent (Belmont, MA) 

"Cherry is an amazing cellist and teacher. I am an adult student new to a string instrument, taking lessons along with my daughter. Cherry developed an individualized curriculum to push our techniques and musical understanding. With my 8-year old, Cherry is extremely patient, keeping learning fun, while challenging the young mind. She uses stories, art, histories, and her own vast repertoire to inspire, to draw out key learnings. I have a piano background, and I am constantly amazed that Cherry can make even a "boring" technical piece sound lyrical and heartfelt. Studying and playing with Cherry is truly a joy. She does more than teaching, she is sharing her passion. I love taking my family to attend her chamber music group and her other musical performances."

Susan, parent (Lexington, MA)

My daughter adores Cherry deep down in her heart. She likes the fact that Cherry is picky on technique but is fun and creative and always find analogy to illustrate a point. Cherry also sets high standard to student’s progress and the dosage of strictness is just right enough to drive an individual to progress further. Cherry’s musical jeopardy class is a must look out! My daughter is going through all these optional notes diligently to simply want to do better. We couldn’t be thankful enough to find the right fit for our daughter in making cello learning challenging yet enjoyable!

Amy, parent (Chestnut Hill, MA)

Cherry has been teaching our daughter for a couples years and her dedication and devotion to students have really impressed us. Cherry constantly tries to increase our daughter’s engagement by specifically picking music that our daughter likes. Also, Cherry went above and beyond by arranging for group performance for our daughter to play together with her brothers. We can’t thank Cherry enough for her hard work and personal approach. We feel so lucky to have her as our daughter’s cello teacher.

Caroline, parent (Lexington, MA)

"My daughter, Ellie has been taking cello lessons from Cherry since 2015. She was introduced by a friend whose son took lessons from her. The friend gave me glowing reviews about what a wonderful teacher Cherry was. In other words, I went in with high expectations and she didn’t disappoint. Ellie didn’t start playing cello with huge enthusiasm, but Cherry was patient and encouraging. Ellie auditioned for Junior District Orchestra last year and got in. She auditioned for Tufts Youth Philharmonic this year and was accepted. I cannot ask for a better cello teacher for my daughter." 

William, student (Newton, MA)​

​​"Ms. Kim is a nice teacher! She really cares about me and my learning. She always uses an encouraging tone. I like how she gives specific directions."

Angie, parent (Newton, MA)

"Ms. Kim taught our son – both in small group and private lessons. She is positive, well organized and patient. She finds out what the student is interested in and then uses that knowledge to develop their love of music. We would definitely recommend her as a teacher!"

Emily, parent (Brookline, MA)

"Through her expert instruction, care and dedication, my daughter Elena has benefited greatly from Ms. Kim's cello lessons."

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